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4 Most Common React Native Keyboard Issues

People’s most favorite platform for developing apps, React native involves handling texts through TextInput that uses the keyboard. To use TextInput, the keyboard should be popped up and occupy some space on the screen. However, you may face some issues with the keyboard while working on the TextInput. In this article, we will discuss some of the common React Native keyboard issues and how to solve them.

Issue 1 – Double-tap issue while the keyboard is already open

When you are trying to press some link, while the keyboard has been already opened, the button or link can’t be clicked on with a single click. It should be clicked twice to get opened. Because your first click will be taken for closing the keyboard and the second click will open the button or link. Sometimes, users may not be aware of this and think that the button is not working. It gives a bad user experience.


We can resolve this issue by using the keyboardShouldPersistTaps=‘always’ property on the ScrollView or the Content part of your code. This property allows the link or button to respond on the first click itself.

Issue 2 – Problem with Scrolling 

If you want to scroll down to a series of pages, the already opened keyboard will not be closed automatically. It continues to stay there, which can cause discomfort for the user while scrolling. We have to close the keyboard each time manually.


This issue can be solved by using the keyboardDismissMode=’on-drag’ property on Scrollview and Content, which will make the keyboard to get disappear automatically on scrolling.

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 Issue 3 – Multiline Text 

If you are typing a long paragraph or TextInput with multiple lines using multiline true, the text will start to hide behind the keyboard after some extent. It will cause discomfort as we cannot see the text behind the keyboard.


We can use the scrollEnabled={false} property on the TextInput to resolve this issue.

Issue 4 – Problem with InputField 

When you are typing in the input field that is located in the middle or near the end of the page, you cannot see the text input, as the input field will hide behind the keyboard. This causes discomfort as we cannot see the text while we are typing.


We can solve this issue by wrapping up the view with any one of the below-mentioned components.

Component 1 – Inbuilt


Component 2

   style={{ backgroundColor: '#4C69A5' }}
   resetScrollToCoords={{ x: 0, y: 0 }}

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To learn more about this, click here: APSL/react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view

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Author: Akash Upadhyay

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