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7+ Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Web Development in 2022

17 Mar 2022

“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”

― Christopher Dayagdag


Want to develop a strong and secure web solution? Implement the latest technology to increase engagement and boost your business. The modern world is firmly adopting new web technologies. These new trends endeavor a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to employ more users. They also assure that companies remain competitive in the market.

Are you ready to consolidate the latest trends in your web development in 2022?

Because we are proposing the advanced web development trends with you. This initial will help you in the development of your extensive web niche.

Why is Web Development in Trend?

If you can notice in digitization, there has been lots of change in digital media, social media platforms, and applications thrashing out everything else. Likewise, people accessing the internet to shop, talk and discover data have changed significantly—this forced companies to manage their web presence to remain before their users. 

So with everyone adopting the social connection, why is web development still significant? Web development trends 2022 majorly expanded these implementations to better reach. 

Let’s begin with a brief introduction to web development trends 2022.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Do you know Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are distinctive technologies for the tomorrow of web development? Substantial investment in advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Make an unexpected increase in web development by allowing techniques such as natural language processing (NLP), data encryption, AI-based behavior analysis, and named entity recognition (NER).

API-first Approach

With the upgradation of applications and technologies, the increase in demand for APIs based on the API-first way that can access effectively on all platforms, and operating systems. It contributes to developing APIs first and modifying the code-first method.

API-first approach based on Microservice Architecture. It helps web designers to build the application programming interface (API) before execution. The application interface based on microservices is extremely testable, maintainable, maintainable, loosely coupled, and dependently deployable. It offers a good user experience on all devices.

Single-Page Application (SPA)

Single-page applications have developed as one of the most popular trends, or more particularly as standards, in the world of web development currently. SPA streamlines the site navigation as it helps placing the data on a specific page.

The most helpful service of SPA is that it integrates the web page without stimulating it, providing faster page loading and a good user experience. Some notable examples of Single-page applications are Gmail, Google Maps, Netflix, and Instagram.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web apps that leverage web technologies to offer a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. 

In the simplest form, PWAs combine regular web pages and native apps. Progressive Web Apps can be built using standard web technologies like CSS, HTML, Angular, JavaScript, and React. These web applications are easy to develop and deliver a great user experience on both desktop and mobile.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a distributed system that helps the digital transfer of digital assets. With the steady advancement of technology, it acquired popularity when Bitcoin was launched in 2009, based on blockchain technology.

However, blockchain has evolved the future of web development, and various businesses began to develop a decentralized system.

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Nowadays, users appreciate their time. If a website takes much time to load, it cannot be delightful for the user. Whereas, Single page websites are evolving now and have become the future of website development. It’s also valuable for businesses that do not need much content on their website.

After the presence of SPAs frameworks and AJAX, it has become suitable over the MPAs (Multi-Page Applications). MPAs require to deliver multiple requests from the client-side to the server to load the number of pages which takes much time. So, the developers were looking for an alternative. After the delivery of JavaScript frameworks, it has become the first choice.

Voice Search

Customers adopt to search through the voice command over the typing text in the search box. After the presence of voice recognition technology and the launch of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Voice search has become more widespread. Whereas, voice search expansion has become the future of web development. It has been enhancing a required feature for upcoming websites and applications. 

However, each web development company should be ready for this. It helps websites to rank in SERPs for voice search queries, build customer loyalty, and enhance brand value.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing was made known in the early 1980s. Despite this, it’s one of the fastest-growing technologies nowadays because tech giants such as IBM and AWS invest billions of dollars in this technology. This innovation is going to change the future of web development completely. QC used the phenomenon of quantum physics such as Superposition and Entanglement.

The primary difference between classical computing and quantum computing is classical computing stores information as either 0 or 1, these are called conventional bits. Whereas quantum computing can store data as 0, 1, or both simultaneously, these are called quantum bits or qubits.

Motion UI

If a website only blocks information and HTML code, it is hard to attract users. Today, the front-end requires to be more intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly. However, websites or applications can gain the customer attention and interest of the customers. Motion UI is a SAAS library to build animations to boost the user experience using units including Reveal, Toggler, and Orbit. UI/UX developers can execute it by incorporating simple CSS files with pre-made animation in their projects.


As the reliance on the internet is expanding day by day, most of the operations require the internet. Whether it can be sending data, communicating, or shopping, banking, paying online, there is always a risk of data being robbed.

The Endnote

2022 will be all about fast, clean, and eye-catchy websites. Every website developer should keep themselves up to date with the latest trends to build suitable and advanced websites. Traditional websites can transform to trendy, mobile-friendly, and engaging designs.

No one can estimate what the future holds for us, but with technology boosting, we know it is grand and engaging. When you reach the best web developers, make sure they use the latest web development trends in their solutions. These are to keep you ahead of your competition and help you earn a reputation of being updated. 

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Author: Tushar Saxena

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