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7+ Steps to Build and Monetize an e-Learning Business in 2022

As technology evolves, the transformation in e-learning businesses for monetization increases. When shopping for a learning platform, It is important to understand specific monetization capabilities. Does that platform allow you to mix and match revenue-generating features to make the most out of your learning content?

The global digital learning market is reported to reach over $243 billion by 2022. If you plan to develop an e-learning platform, you should focus on these 7+ strategic ways to monetize it. 

The e-learning industry is presently one of the most prosperous service sectors. With the awareness programs and workshops and, of course, the growth of technology, it is developing large and wide all across the globe. With the usefulness of the Internet and associated resources, the education sector has grown to be more methodical in education methods. It has generated various scientific ways to educate children and encourage different forms of learning to help them absorb information and train them more virtually and resourcefully.

E-learning applications are growing very fast and gain popularity. If you want to release a project in the place, you will assumably be interested in the ways to monetize an educational app. Let’s discuss this.

7+ Steps to Build and Monetize an e-Learning Business in 2022

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If we compare traditional learning approaches, digital learning can increase consumer retention rates by 25-65%.

Advertising is considered as one of the most popular approaches for monetizing apps for most companies. The information supports and induces your services or products to the target clients. Most educational academies and connected businesses that want to establish their brand are very well trained to allow visibility in the app. With the benefit of affiliate marketing, this can be done. You accumulate large on the finances with advertisement.

Paid Subscription Strategies

Paid subscription is considered as one of the most used strategires of e-learning application monetization. Application users get authorization to all training courses after the payment done. Here, access can be either limited or unlimited (Lifetime).

For good results, your paid subscription requires to be demonestrated by certified authorities in certain learning areas or use material from verified data sources so that your potential users understand exactly what they are paying for.

Monetising Data

The data monetization concept has increasingly captured crucial results and insights through customers with notable names such as Facebook and WhatsApp. You can use this to serve and improve on data-driven offers.

Set Course Fees

Setting course fees is the most generic option for e-learning business. Using educational applications as a platform to sell trendy and copyright courses. Also, free workshops and webinars can be carried to garner a customer for a certain course. If the course is in high demand, it can be cost at a more elevated value, and the price can be grown after a while.

In the e-learning market, there is an average price for distinct courses. It is crucial to set fair price which is similar to the market price, as the requirement for a course acts as a conclusive factor for customers. By invariably sustain demand and change the pricing policy regularly is not viable. Therefore, it should be assumed that the course price should rely on product strategy and not contrariwise.

If any customer want premium access, the price can be doubled, but if wide range is the preference, then the cost of the course should be kept ideal. Monetize an e-learning application by charging course fees demands a constant authorization of its value. Therefore, special attention should be given when finalizing the cost of a course.

Promote Referral Program

With Referral marketing, you can fast broaden the extent of an e-learning app to create a huge customer base. It authorizes users to efficiently promote the e-learning app without summing to the marketing budget.

Traditional approaches such as word of mouth and personal requests are the tried and tested approaches for years that spread awareness. These strategies can holistically overtake a potential marketing strategy, as more than 90% of people depend on personalized marketing.

Try the Freemium Model

This model in e-learning is specifically on the Internet, which delivers free basic service while paying for premium features. You can contrive this by providing an extract, trial, or preview of your services and allow your entire solution to be bought by customers who consider it is within.

Exclusive Subscription Fees

A subscription is also deemed as on of the popular approach to monetize an e-learning app. The user is practically charged a subscription fee, it can be monthly or annually. The benefits for this is a subscription includes free access to helpful content, courses, or videos.

The ultimate on the number of courses accessible under a subscription can be designated either based on users or the number of stops. This can assist create the courses complete and keep the user on the platform for a more extended period. A user can also prefer the subscription plan as per benefit and condition.

Using the In-App Purchase Model

When you adopt the educational app’s in-app purchase profit model, you enable your users to use most services for free. You should encourage users to use different added value or increased benefits if you buy them.

How to choose the best e-learning app monetization approaches?

Whatsoeverbusiness model an online educational platform develops will work effectively under three conditions.

Competitive Advantage

Even when building an e-learning app, you should think wisely about what you can provide the custoimer so that individuals learn from you and pay valuable cost for it. 

The e-learning apps attract online customers with useful courses from top universities and authorities. Noteworthy online platforms provide end-to-end products that can set self-study and one-to-one distance learning with a instructor.

Various e-learning apps allows original courses, gamified approaches for study new material, use augmented reality, attract the best leactrures from different parts of the world, and devise unique subjects that connect on specialists’ pain.

While creating an e-learning platform, it is essential to focus on modern trends and demands of course. Such type of content permits you to better incorporate the material due to the student’s involvement.

You must believe in your product and help students about it in as specific aspect as possible. The importanec of the knowledge that you sell in your business should be helpful to everyone.

Right Positioning and Brand Awareness

With a clear characterization of the product can make it feasible to develop the circle of users fast. And you can tell a larger customer about your product with marketing campaigns.

Social media is one of the most essential channels for e-learning applications nowadays.

Consedering social activity is a must on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms where your customer is.

The promotion of e-learning platforms is impossible without social media. The e-learning app is a B2C product which means that the direction to the customer lies specifically through social platforms. And the other factor that should be considered is the ability to maintain public opinion about the business.

Reasonable and Decent Pricing

Price of the course can decide the business expansion, it extremely matters to any customer. A decent pricing model will give customers a great catch and buy option. Reasonable pricing will help you attract more users and get good reviews.


Monetize an e-Learning Business can provide many benefits to your organization. Choosing the ideal approach of providing elearning can be a cumbersome task, but it is essential to the scalable success of your eLearning program. Promoting your e-learning app takes expertise and persistence; however, the gates will be opened once you reach this level. The e-learning app will start to be used, and your downloads will explode.

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Author: Akash Upadhyay

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