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Educational Service Portal


“A technology-driven matchmaking platform for aspirants and education service providers”.

Vision: Empower aspirants with an immersive learning experience to help them make the right choice for a future-ready career.

Mission: Offer opportunities for cognitive learning and growth by matching aspirants with the most relevant education service provider.

Edukhoj (registered as Edu Educational Services) – your own exclusive search engine for the best learning experience! We aim at bringing together all elements of the education ecosystem in India to offer you the best result-based preparation and learning experience. Our data-driven search technology guides aspirants at each step, assisting them with all their educational uncertainties. Whether you have just taken the first step towards your to-be glorious career or are struggling somewhere in the middle, we are here to your rescue! The core of our platform is an artificial intelligence data-driven search engine, drawing results from varied sources that empower aspirants with value-driven learning to help them make the right decision for a future-ready career.

We aim to bridge the gap between the education service providers and aspirants. Our exclusive SMS (Search Match Study) service offers aspirants an immersive learning experience where they can search from a comprehensive list of examinations & courses, match with the best education service provider as per their requirements, apply, and begin their preparation the right way. We envision a future where anyone can make an informed decision about their career and have the best learning experience by accessing our immersive matchmaking platform.


Challenges Faced
Edukhoj is a large Education Based and Institute catalog, our teams had to make sure that the user-experience remains intuitive while re-engineering the website from the ground up. We also had to ensure that no important data is lost during the process. While executing the fixes, implementing software updates, and testing the Edukhoj platform.


Once our team discovered that the website couldn’t handle the advancements like a cross-syncing Auth configuration with Social Auth like Google and Facebook, but through sheer will and hard work our team successfully implemented and deploy the feature that very few websites have, A Cross-Syncing Auth Configuration with Social Auth like Google and Facebook. Our teams implemented a robust and dynamic structure, redesigned the website, and delivered many new changes. Our teams worked in parallel to deliver the project on time.


With a strong plan for the website, we’re helping Edukoj stay current with the latest features, and helping users to find out the best Educational Institute that they can use and get a better career path.


Technology Used


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