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Logistics Management Platform

Skydropx is an online shipment service provider based in Mexico. It offers best in class shipment services to retailers, e-commerce websites, dealers by providing skilled, experienced, background checked professionals for delivery services. The Android application, built by StartxLabs, is specifically designed for the use of the delivery professional to track and update shipment deliveries.


Challenges Faced

We wanted to build an app that allows the delivery professional to keep track of their work and update their progress after every shipment. Our aim was to build the product to make the process hassle-free. The application should be able to provide real-time updates on the location the delivery professional or the shipment. For the user to deliver the product on time, the app needed to provide the best map routes with an integrated system. The application had to be built to provide an easy-to-understand user interface.



We focused on developing the application to provide a simple form for the professional to update all their shipment tracks. The application provides real-time updates about the activity of the delivery professional. It is designed with an easy user-interface such that the application can be used in offline mode also. Our design and development team worked in sprints of tasks. Using our research results, we designed and built completely an Android application that provides complete solutions to delivery problems.



Skydrop provides fast and efficient shipment services to its consumers. Now, when a delivery agent is out for delivery his status can be tracked while helping the delivery professional avoid the hassles in delivery processes. It is equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best-in-class services. Together, StartxLabs and Skydrop turned out to be a huge success as Skydrop has been successful in providing efficient and economical shipment services in Mexico.