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Sealant Dealer Management Portal

Tireject came to us with a vision to help hard-workers to fix and protect their tires from flats. Tireject Tire Sealant is a liquid injection that protects the tire from flats, and guarantees to fix any punctures and leaks. They wanted us to design and develop applications on both Android and iOS platforms for them. The applications are meant to notify the owner for Tireject Dosages and many other features and for dealers to track the machines they provided dosage service.


Challenges Faced

Tireject reached to us to develop Android and iOS application for their product to notify the owner for the regular dosage of Tireject Sealant, to protect their tires. They wanted the app to provide details of all type of tires so that the user can calculate the amount of dosage needed for the tires of his vehicle. Our goal was to make the applications user-friendly with all details in one place.



Tireject plays a vital role in bringing consumers deeper into tire protection with Tireject Tire Sealants. Our goal was to let consumers experience this in a refreshed and refined feel. We aimed to make the applications easy-to-use and user-friendly. With continuous discussion with the Tireject team, we devised a strategy to design and develop the applications within a short period. Our design and development teams started working in sprints. First, we laid-out the structure and features of the app, by discussing with the Tireject team. Our next move was to create an architecture for our design team and then design the application on both platforms, in parallel.



StartxLabs successfully designed and delivered Android and iOS applications for Tireject to help them improve their consumer experience. We designed the applications with a variety of rich features such as Dosage Calculator, Dosage Chart, Dosage Tracker. The application created a good impact on Tirejact and their product, Tireject Sealants.