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Practices for securing your native mobile apps

21 Apr 2022

In today’s world, the phone has access to practically all of our personal and sensitive information, from conversations to healthcare records and bank account information. When data becomes a valuable resource, many people want to profit from it, but some of them are unwilling to ask your permission first. As a result, mobile app security is not a benefit or a feature, it is a bare necessity. App security should be a priority at any given time to avoid any sort of information breach.


When you consider our current relationship with our smartphones containing mobile apps, you’ll realize that a large portion of our life-critical data is floating around in cyberspace, accessible to a plethora of hackers.  One breach and the criminal has direct access to our name, age, home address, account details, and even our current location within a few meters.


With all this at stake, we understand that native mobile apps are a target focus for all malicious activities and thus there is a dire need to practice mobile app security right from the developing stage.


What is mobile app security?

It is the process of examining and testing mobile applications, web applications, and APIs to ensure that they are safe from potential attacks. Alternatively, it is the process of protecting high-value mobile applications and your digital identity from all types of fraud.

Some examples of application security are malware, tampering, key loggers, reverse engineering or any other form of interference or manipulation.


Common threats to mobile app security


Now, let us discuss the practices that should be followed by the developers and/or the users to keep their mobile apps safe and secure.



Always keep in mind that security isn’t something you can put up like a structure and then forget about. You must monitor and review security policies and practices in a proactive and comprehensive manner. The most important or crucial thing is to provide current solutions to the problem.


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Author: Kanika Gupta

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