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Top 5 Tips For Developing an App on a Budget

Building a mobile app for your business is essential in this modern era, right? Then what next? Developing an app on your budget is doubtful. It’s never cheap! However, it is critical to promote your business to the next level by creating a mobile app. So, what can we do to develop an app that best fits your business, at the same time on a limited budget? In this article, we will discuss some important tips that help you develop a mobile app that is cost-effective, and on your estimated budget.

Clear objectives and Resources

You can have a variety of reasons to build an app for your brand. However, you should clear with them. There may be different features and strategies you can have or use in your application. What am I going to build an application for? What is my plan for implementing this? What are my and my user’s expectations about this app? Be clear about all these questions before starting to developing your app. If you’re strong with your plan, then developing the app within the estimated time and budget will be a less constrained job for you.

Always have a well-defined plan for your app and start working according to that. Have a clear estimate on the expenses for both development and marketing. Make sure you allocate your time and budget for advertising and linking on social media, to make your application stand unique in the crowd!

Try an MVP

One of the best things to do before developing a fully functional app is to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It is the best alternative product, which offers minimal features essential for release and testing, and lets your targeted audience provide your feedback, suggestions, and reviews before going to develop your main application. MVP is a cost-effective prototype and can be built within a short span of time.

The main purpose of creating an MVP is to learn about the functionalities of your fully-featured app and gain knowledge about your final product. Applying the necessary changes you learned from analyzing your MVP to your final product results in a better functioning app with enhanced performance and with a limited budget. It is necessary to have a clear objective and understanding of the requirements of your business application. This will help you to efficiently utilize the MVP to get a great application for your business.

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Selecting the Right Platform

If you’re aiming to release a mobile application on a limited budget, it is always good to go with a single platform. Aiming to build an app for all platforms at the first stage itself, will be too expensive for all. Without knowing how your main application will look like, how it will perform, it is not a good thing to develop it for all platforms. You should be clear about which platform you’re going to develop your app for. Developing an app for androids will be expensive as there are plenty of Android devices available nowadays, with different screen sizes and versions.

However, iOS has a limited number of devices with a specific range. For example, successful apps like Instagram, Foursquare aimed in building for only platform iOS, and after achieving huge success, they transformed their apps to be also available on the Android platform. Pick a platform, develop an app specifically for that platform, analyze your app’s performance, features and flaws, then transform it to be available on multiple platforms in the future.

Make a simple design

Keep your app’s design simple and hassle-free to navigate, attract users, and save your money. Your app should be more clear for the users to understand what you’re offering for them. Simpler apps save your time, and won’t require much graphics and animation. However, try to give a neat and decent UI for your clients. If you aim to build a cost-effective app and also to achieve user satisfaction, keep your app less complicated to interact with.

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Team and Partnership

Creating an app individually for your business doesn’t sound right. You will need a team to work towards developing an efficient app for your business. Either hiring experienced app developers or giving your project to an app development company will help you achieve this. Again, hiring experienced developers will not be a cost-effective option for development. Be smart and choose according to your business requirements.

A partner who offers the best support while app development is appreciable. Partnerships with a freelancer, an organization, or an entrepreneur can be made to get support for your app development process. Getting support from people who are already well-established or experienced in your field will definitely help you in achieving success.

These are some of the useful tips you can follow while developing a cost-effective app for your business. It is always recommended to hire a mobile application developing company that best suits your requirements and budget. Always be clear about your financial restrictions to the company and your business needs.

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Author: Akash Upadhyay

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