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Why Should Your Company Use Cloud Backend As A Service For Developing Apps

22 Aug 2022


Why Should Your Company Use Cloud Backend As A Service For Developing Apps?


As organizations have recognized mobility as a crucial component of their attempts to undergo digital transformation, the demand for corporate mobile app development has exploded across several industries. App developers are looking at new strategies to make managing and developing mobile apps simpler as the demand for mobile apps has increased. 

Every software program has a number of extensive backend services working behind the scenes to support the frontend that you use and see every day. It is never an easy process to complete the amount of work required to create the backend technology.

Cloud-based services for backend processing are provided to businesses through backend as a service, or BaaS. By relieving companies of the need to invest in local servers, the backend services are streamlined.


This blog covers the finer points of cloud BaaS, including its benefits and drawbacks, practical applications, and more. Let’s begin our journey into the realm of BaaS.


What does “backend as a service” mean?


Any software for a computer, a mobile device, or the web is often created in two parts. The application’s front end, which users may interact with, is one. The backend is the additional component of the application. The creation of the front end includes the user interface and design. The tools and functions are all, however, included in the Backend. The back end requires a lot of effort to develop, while the front end is simple. Due to the availability of predeveloped modules, a backend as a service enables the building of the backend for apps quite simple. Adding the required functionalities to your front end is all that’s required of you as a developer.

Over the past ten years, the process of developing apps has slowed down significantly. All of this is due to improved computers and a greater demand for these mobile and online applications. The programs’ extensive feature sets serve as another justification. These characteristics make our life more convenient and functional. However, this has made life extremely challenging for engineers. It takes a lot of time and effort for the developers to execute the same ideas continuously. An application’s performance is inefficient in many ways, especially when you consider how much effort was required to design it.


BaaS: Is it akin to serverless computing in any way?

Backend-as-a-Service, or BaaS, is a type of third-party service that allows you to develop an easy-to-use, dynamic website or application without worrying about the backend.

Your ability to concentrate on the front end is increased thanks to BaaS, which relieves you of costly and time-consuming chores.

It gives you access to the infrastructure that is already pre-bundled, relieving you of the tedious tasks of maintaining user rights and setting up user authentication, while also fostering your development like APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Development Kits).

The same thing as backend-as-a-service is serverless computing (BaaS). FaaS and PaaS are included in the term’s larger definition. Due to the fact that you do not have to manage the infrastructure, a serverless mobile backend as a service is used.


What is exactly Cloud backend?

It is a fully managed and scalable hosting solution used to hasten the development of applications.


How can Cloud Backend be advantageous to our business?


1.) Faster development- Product development cycles are shortened by the cloud backend, going from years and months to just a few short weeks. Because they won’t have to spend as much time on back-office tasks, app developers will have more time to concentrate on the creative aspect of their work, which will result in improved code quality and a consistent flow of goods to fulfill demand.


2.)Lower overall expenses- Since the choice is very wide, you can select the service meeting your personal requirements


3.) It pays attention to your main business-Businesses’ need for their infrastructure to remain operational at all times, therefore using the cloud to meet your technical and infrastructure demands provides you greater resilience than before. Additionally, it enables you to concentrate on your core company principles and areas of expertise while delegating the upkeep and administration of your infrastructure to cloud service providers.


4.)Fewer developers


5.)Prioritize front-end development


6.)Scalability- It implies that you may modify your program to work on any platform. And cloud backend will assist in resolving any bandwidth issues that developers may encounter.


7.)Constant Updates -The seamless integration of functionalities for mobile apps is what mobile backend-as-a-service offers. Here, a continuous integration paradigm is being employed, and developers are free to make whatever modifications as needed. The goal of many BaaS products is to streamline this process and save costs.


8.)High Security- App developers may select vendor portability, and the MBaaS provider simply exports all data via the Management Console. BaaS software also safeguards all data. The servers are inaccessible to users directly.


10 Best Cloud Backend Services


Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top global BaaS vendors. You may choose the best one by taking into account their characteristics and services.

1.)Back4app  2.)Parse  3.)Firebase 4.)Backendless 5.)Kinvey 6.)Heroku 7.)Digitalocean App Platform 8.)Kumulos 9.)Kuzzle 10.)AWS Amplify



Back4app is a backend as a service company that uses open-source technology to assist developers in building apps without having to start from scratch.Back4App is a platform that offers low-code application development services that may assist you in creating a top-notch backend for your application. The development process is made easier by the REST and GraphQL APIs, and everyone benefits from open source. It has essential features like Low-Coding, Open-Source, Scalability, easy user administration, Backup procedures etc.



The platform called Parse offers its own managed backend service. Because you can utilize it without having to manage servers or hosting, it is a great choice for backend development and hosting for applications. It has defining characteristics. It gives the choice of using both SQL and NoSQL databases. It supports the cloud code features and provides notifications by email and push notifications.



Google offers a framework for controlled backend services called Firebase. It benefits from Google’s reputation for dependability and security, and it may assist in the rapid creation of high-caliber applications that can help your company expand quickly. It has fundamental characteristics like NoSQL Databases, scalable hosts, storage facilities for static files on google cloud, and prepared to use APIs.



The finest platform is Backendless, which is a perfect choice if you want to create the backend of your application without having to code each module separately. It provides services for building visual apps which don’t require actual coding. Some of its defining characteristics are 

It’s a real-time (actual) Database, visual app creator, User administration and authentication, and Caching miscellaneous things.



In order to create the best-performing native iOS, Android, and web applications, Kinvey offers its consumers the Backend as a Service. For optimum accessibility, the apps are also put on the cloud backend. Its essential characteristics are that it provides a business-ready solution

Which is secure and automatically scalable. Also, its robust SDKs for app development make the process of backend incredibly simple.



The two most important problems in creating and running apps are server management and hosting. Because you can create apps on Heroku, it is the platform that addresses all of these issues. Every aspect of the ashcan is cloud-based. Some fundamental characteristics of Heroku are its administered service, Security, and Scalability on both the vertical and horizontal features of continuous integration. Also, It helps contemporary open-source languages.


Digitalocean App Platform

IaaS supplier Digital Ocean furthermore offers managed services. With its managed backend services, the App Platform, a managed platform as a service, may assist you in turning your concepts into usable applications. The advantages and capabilities of this platform enable the creation of applications simpler and faster. Its basic characteristics are the simpleness of software development, deployment, scaling, and Scalable hosting. It is fully managed and taken care of.



Kumulos is a great choice for businesses and startups. This is the greatest platform for you to obtain Backend as a Service if you want to deploy the services of your application in accordance with user involvement. This is so that your application may categorize users depending on their activity and location. Some of its essential characteristics are Notifications

Automatic reporting and analytics, reporting and diagnosis.



For those developers wishing to create exceptional apps with feature-rich backends, Kuzzle is an open-source solution. The nicest thing about adopting it is that you can deploy apps anywhere and they will perform at a level appropriate for business. One of the essential characteristics is that its servers can be scaled. The apps are feature-rich because of real-time pub/sub choices. It’s Multiprotocol APIs speed up and simplify the app development process.


Amplify by AWS

To improve brand confidence in the marketplace, full-stack application development is crucial. AWS Amplify is a platform that enables customers to create full-stack apps that can run on a variety of native and cross-framework development environments. Its defining characteristics are that it stores and manages data really well. Analytics that integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The top ten backends as a service platform for application development were the ones listed above. To make it simpler for you to understand what you will be getting from each of them, we have listed their key characteristics here. In this era of quick application development, using managed backend services has become crucial. But choosing the best one is more crucial than actually utilizing one. It’s because the services they offer determine the experience you have.


Due to this, we have listed the top 10 managed backend service providers below. You may choose the finest Backend as a Service provider for you if you are aware of all of them, their characteristics, and your requirements.


Author: Akash Upadhyay

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