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Why to use PostgreSQL with Django?

We are living in an era where data is considered as the new currency. The more data you have the more rich you are. And, the amount of data available is increasing day by day.To store data available databases are used. Many different types of databases are available now. In this blog, we will learn about one such database PostgreSQL and why it is best choice to use with Django while developing a web application.


1. Django – Introduction, Features, and Architecture

2. Why do we need a database?

3. PostgreSQL – Introduction, Features and Companies using it

4. PostgreSQL with Django

5. Final thought

What is Django?

Django is an open-source web development framework used to build web applications for different business problems. It is based on the Python programming language. It follows the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle to avoid the repetition of unwanted code which the development process to maintain the optimization of code. Django comprises different components like authentication system, Content Management System, database interactions and many more.

It offers features like

Learn more about Django features here.

One of the most important features amongst these is object relational mapper. The ORM helps developers to map data between the models and the database tables without writing any SQL queries. This allows developers to build applications quickly eliminating the time wasted in writing complex queries by using Django inbuilt functions according to their requirements.

It works on the MVT Model View Template architectural pattern for developing web apps.

This MVT structure help developers to keep the codes separately and enable them to change the frontend part of web application without changing the backend business logics.This is especially beneficial while interacting with database.


Why do we need a database?

Nowadays, having a web application for your business is a necessity. Having a database for your web applications makes them more versatile, scalable, and interactive. A database allows you to create, store, read, update and delete data whenever needed. For example, If you have a shopping website you will need to store the products details that you have and the order details etc, If you have a social media website you will need to store all the data of all the users what they post, what they like, their comments and many more items or if you have a simple website that shows your company details you must have a page which has a contact form which people can fill and contact you for that you need a database.

Specifically talking about Django, It offers a default SQLite database when you start building an app but it is meant for small projects and it is not too much scalable which is not something you want. That’s why we tend to use different databases with Django to achieve the ACID principle and maintain the scalability of our web application. The Django web framework supports multiple databases. Examples include MYSQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, MariaDB, and SQLite.

The Django official documentation preffer PostgreSQL.The Django supports POstgreSQL 9.5 and higher version It uses django.contrib.postgres module to make database operations.Now lets us learn about PostreSQL.


What is PostgreSQL?

It is a powerful open-source relational database. With the support of more than 20 years of community development, it is a highly stable database management system with high levels of reliability, integrity, and correctness. A lot of web applications, mobile applications, geo-spatial applications, and analytics applications use PostgreSQL as their primary data store or data warehouse. Currently, PostgreSQL 12 is the latest version. It is also known as Postgres.

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley created PostgreSQL. It was originally known as Ingres. The creators of this application gradually added more features and improved it over time. As a result, the name was changed to Postgres95 and finally to PostgreSQL.


Features of PostgreSQL

Giant tech companies like Apple, IMDB, Instagram, Reddit,Skype, Spotify uses it. International Space Station also utilize it to store the data on the orbit and then replicate that database on the ground. PostgreSQL is widely used in the Financial Industry, Government GIS data, Manufacturing, Web technology and many more domains.


Advantages of using PostgreSQL with Django


Some special cases when PostgreSQL is the best database choice for Django 


Final Thought

Any company’s data is a valuable asset. How you input, access, and utilize that data can either be a time-consuming expense or a game-changer in terms of your company’s efficiency and cost-cutting. After deciding on a framework for developing your business’s application, the next most daunting challenge is deciding on the finest database for the job. In this blog, we learned why PostgreSQL is the finest database to utilize with Django development to create a solution to your business challenge.

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Author: Vaishnavi Mall

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